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Evenos, black lemon blossom!


The father of medicine Hippocrates, has repeatedly mentioned the detoxing and healing properties of herbal activated charcoal, which has also been used by the ancient Egyptians. In the 19th century, French chemist Bertrand and the pharmacist Montpellier Toueri, confirmed its therapeutic use by giving it as an antidote (at the right dose) for strychnine poison and arsenic dioxide.

Influenced by the beneficial properties of activated charcoal and inspired by the authentic homemade recipe of lemonade, we created the product evenos, the first Greek black lemonade.

Its characteristic black color is the result of the herbal activated charcoal addition (which comes from the coconut shell). It is produced and bottled in Greece, while top ingredients such as organic honey from Taygetus mountain, salt from Messolonghi, Greek herbs, ginger and many more are used for the making of the product.

They are 100% organic products with zero sugar added. It is an ideal choice for people who follow – or want to follow – a modern, yet healthy lifestyle, thanks to its reach flavor that makes it an ideal beverage throughout the day, as well as the beneficial properties of the ingredients that is made out of.

For those who want the authentic flavor and the beneficial properties of “black” lemonade with a minimum calorie burden, they should try evenos stevia, where honey is replaced by organic stevia and blue agave. Those two ingredients give the product only 11.07 kcal / 100ml.

In the context of a healthy, holistic diet and detox, we include herbal activated charcoal in our everyday life. According to scientific studies it contributes to the reduction of excessive flatulence (nutrition-related claim according to No 1169/2011 EU Regulation).

For more information and buying: https://evenosbio.com/about-us/

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