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Albania explored: one of Europe’s best kept secrets

Albania is an untouched and undiscovered piece of Europe’s complex puzzle. Filled with fairy-tale landscapes, eye-boggling views, rich culture and incredibly hospitable locals, Albania should be considered one of the top destinations to visit for an authentic travel experience. Travel writer Anita Hendrieka has set about to discover the countries finest experiences. Albania’s landscape is made up of over 70% mountainous territory, so if you’re into nature and love the outdoors, it should be right at the top of your list. Another thing that this country does not lack is character. Albanians have a great sense of humour and a relaxed attitude – the latter at times challenging eager travellers’ patience. Albanians hold their traditions dear, and the country is a bit of a time pocket, inspiring to live and travel in a simpler manner. Technology takes a back seat, and travelling here is a great occasion to practise living in the moment. Albania can be reached by flying into the country’s only airport located in the capital city, Tirana.

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